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Solitude is the abyss

cold and silent as a tomb

given form within thought

and ravenous hunger in time


The abyss feeds and grows

like fire in the trees

like shadows in the sunset

casting darkness onto light


The abyss howls with doldrums

melancholy and despair

but for the few who welcome the figure

that darkens the doorway of a mind


Solitude envelops the creative one

Greeted as a friend by the worthy few

Those who gaze into the abyss to reach in

With hands outstretched to the spark within

Luminous and rich with untamed beauty


Solitude is the world we bring

The life we splash onto the canvass

The words we speak and write

The songs we sing

The truths we whisper

Solitude is our art

Solitude is the heart

In this free verse poem I tried experimenting with taking themes of isolation and turning them into something positive

comments and critiques welcome

Thank you all very much for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed the poem
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February 28
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