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Busker In The Rain
Colours blue and grey
fading into the fog;
spilling onto neon highways.
Fog passing lips of lonely travelers
heads beneath umbrellas
beating back the storm.
Reflections staring back from puddles,
eyes burrowed firmly to the ground
beneath the sky beat, drum and rattle
they could hear the sweetest sound.
A voice sings soft though not in vain;
there stands a busker in the rain.
Shining through notes of steel
songs of versatile appeal.
Sharing heart and scar aplenty
verses solemn and cheery many
Not an eye or nose did turn
though not a single person spurned;
for all ear and heart was reaching,
for the honesty there beating,
joining hand and heart
with the tap and drum.
As the minutes and the hours passed
the songs played out their rhyme.
Not a penny did the the busker ask
just only for your time.
With a smile and a strum they played
the busker in the rain.
The clouds withdrew
and the crowd it grew
stopping to join the song.
But as daylight came
the song was gone;
the busker in the rain.
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 1 0
Transcribing thought to words
heavy as the heart crashing
 painting words yet unheard
absent the required sincerity
The keys at hands reach
with emotion pouring out
a flowing crescendo of honesty
dragged by a burning doubt
With aching hand and aching heart
all determination abandoning pace
what a stupid idea from the start
 damn the messenger and hit backspace
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 1 0
Alone in the snow falling black
The light now lost behind the clouds
Trees and earth clothed in ash
A clock ticks on without a sound
There is beauty there
No words can describe
In the moment we share
The finite meaning of time
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 1 0
The Spire
Shadows trembled in the river
as I dragged my feet against the tide
holding me back and pulling me down.
As I lifted my eyes to gaze yonder
there stood the tall silhouette
that filled my dreams with dread;
the rising stalactites of stone and steel,
mended and folded and draped upon the
rising thing that cracked upon the heavens
and disappeared beyond
The details were yet vague
for the thing was shrouded in mist.
Even up close the base lay deep
beneath the waters while
the mysterious thing that stood at the top
was always covered by cloud.
Had I been here before?
So strange a thing to stand all alone,
so strange a thing to cut a striking figure upon
the foaming fog that hung all round.
Often dared I wonder did the fog come from within?
Never had I known, for I never breached the door.
was there a door? I imagined a shadow and a flame
calling me, beckoning I enter- no.
Commanding that I do so.
For what stirred within this thing;
This tower woven by an industrious mind
or perhaps by sorce
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 0
the sunset fades into the night,
stolen by the moons hand pale.
A lonely hand caresses the horizon
stroking waves of diamond light
upon the velvet shimmering sea,
quietly whispering farewell
upon fair winds scented with tears
across the expanse of space and time;
swallowed by the depths that listen
and remember for eternity.
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 1 0
Mature content
Zombie Love :icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 0
Pepe reads while he ascends to dank heights by DissonantNotes Pepe reads while he ascends to dank heights :icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 2 0
I am content in your embrace
you fill me with peace and elation.
My expanding worries you compress
I feel you growing in my chest.
Beside my heart something beautiful stirs;
is it a feeling? is it wonderful?
of course
Waking from this dream will be a curse
bursting from my chest so gracefully
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 2 3
Misery Forest
shards of a mirror shattering like hope
scarring, ripping, tearing the tender fabric
that covers the weary torn heart that broke
into a thousand pieces to fall upon the sticks
that lay beneath the wilted tree under which we lay
the foundations of the memories once shared within
where we writhed in pain, joy, agony and eternal ecstasy
forgetting with young naivety where we were going or where we had been
the trail of shame, the path of guilt the endless wrath of sorrow expanding like a
river of blood that flows from a freshly slain fawn twitching in the dirt breathing heavily in the night
braying crying calling for help begging for just one more breath unabated by the thorn that slithered into the aorta
as it lay dying and afraid beneath the tree within the dead forest where all things of beauty and colour come to crumble and die
weeping tears from the eyes and blood from the wound mingled with ebbing poison oozing, seeping, dripping from the ripped flesh of regret
the puddle growing to
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 1 0
Satan sketch by DissonantNotes Satan sketch :icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 2 0
Mature content
Sadism :icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 0
webs weaved by liars
paths split in twain by forked tongues
following your truth
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 0
Kekistan Falls by DissonantNotes Kekistan Falls :icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 7 3
Dragged through mud in flesh and name
She pulled his corpse beneath the rain
the lightning tearing upon the sky
a canvass of sorrow and pain beneath she cries
ripped it all to shreds- no more
she's feel this weight, this dread before
never again to feel the hitting hand
or serpents tongue
binding like a snake
never again to suffer this man
the agony song
the words of hate
her scars washed in the icy downpour
blood and tears upon the earth
She proved she was so much more
this is her rebirth
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 2
Of Wolves and Sheep
A herd of sheep grazing in the fields
lived together under the hill
and atop the hill there ruled the wolves
protecting the herd from things that kill
The wolves also served to protect the herd
from crime, dissidence and words that hurt
times were hard and times were strange
the plot yet thickened if you thought THAT was absurd
The sheep did yell and the sheep did cry
they flung insults around and were surely not shy
some shouted "more!" others grumbled "less..."
and argued for days about who knew best.
The sheep grew angry and butted their heads;
ground their hooves and some even fled.
 They argued for days and many nights
until enough was enough there had been too many fights.
When the sheep did call the wolves came down
and started herding the sheep around.
They said "No more! You listen to me!"
The sheep were silent the sheep were still,
if you'd like to know what happened then come and see
The wolves ordered the sheep all in a line
and let them speak one at a time
and judged
:icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 0
Mature content
Kissin Limerick :icondissonantnotes:DissonantNotes 0 0


The first thing that stands out to me are the varying shades of red, yellow and orange in the background behind the main subject. A sky...




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my page! Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy poetry, visual art and memes. I do what I want so anything could happen. If you like poetry and are interested in a collaboration do send a note and we'll see what happens ^^


Hahahahahaha I haven't done shit this month lol

Ive just been working and trying to get my head in a good place and I am very, very keen for the upcoming anime convention in my city this month.

Artistically I've been getting back into the swing of things and its slow going but is indeed going. Not gonna lie I make it up as I go along but its amusing seeing what my sleep deprived brain can throw on the screen.

I have been rather distracted with Assassins Creed Unity lately. I am an avid fan of the Assassins Creed franchise and well acquainted with Ubisofts infamous glitches. I have played every single game and I even Own the comics featuring Nikolai Orelov in The Chain, and The Fall but I have deliberately skipped Unity because I am a game rager and I hate when games are buggy and I knew from the get go Unity would be the absolute cancer of the franchise in that regard. If I lose or die or fail because I suck I can admit it. wow but wow. I am going to complete Unitys story and then I am never going to speak of it again. I have poured quite a large amount of time in it and I dread, DREAD any kind of parkour free run where time is important. It is just infuriating when you get stuck on a ledge for no reason, cant enter windows but always do when you dont want to and sometimes in combat youll stnad there for seconds at a time and will or will not attack if and when the game permits not when you hit the button. A shame because the worlds design and feel is simply breathtaking. How I long for the days of AC Brotherhood when things were simpler and less buggy and you would only fall through the floor once a week hahahaha
What are every-bodies thoughts on Assassins Creed? and who is keen for Origins???
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